Thursday, 30 January 2014

Fatal Frame Quotes~

Fatal Frame

"I wonder how long it's been...
...since my brother and I began to see things other people can't see."
  ~Miku Hinasaki

"I captured a ghost... With this camera!"
~Mafuyu Hinasaki 

Fatal Frame II : Crimson Butterfly

"We might not ever be able to be one, but... I'll never let you go again."
~Mio Amakura 

"Didn't we always promise each other...
...that we would always be together?" 
~Mayu Amakura 

Fatal Frame III : The Tormented

"This time... I'm going with you..."
~Rei Kurosawa 

"There might still be some hope..."
~Kei Amakura

 "I don't wanna remember anymore..." 
~Miku Hinasaki

Fatal Frame IV : Mask of the Lunar Eclipse

No Quotes.


FF fact: Miku & Mafuyu itu kakak-beradik 

FF II fact: Mio & Mayu itu kembar.

FF III fact: Handsome ghost yang tadi itu tunangannya Rei Kurosawa. Dead 'cause car crash.
                   Kenapa Miku ada di FF3? Karena masih ada urusan yg belum selesai sama Mafuyu..

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